VHT 40/16MO H2 VHT 40/22 GR with motor-driven lift door and front frame for connection to a glove box

Single-stage rotary vane pump for heat treatment in a rough vacuum to 20 mbar


Two-stage rotary vane pump for heat treatment in a vacuum to 10-2 mbar


Turbo-molecular pump with booster pump for heat treatment in a vacuum to 10-5 mbar

H2 Version for Operation with Hydrogen or other Reaction Gases

In the H2 version the furnaces can be operated under hydrogen or other reaction gases. For these applications, the systems are additionally equipped with the required safety technology. Only certified and industry proven safety sensors are used. The furnaces are controlled by a fail-safe PLC control system (S7-300F/safety controller).

  • Certified safety concept
  • Automation package (see additional equipment above)
  • Redundant gas inlet valves for hydrogen
  • Monitored pre-pressures of all process gases
  • Bypass for safe purging of furnace chamber with inert gas
  • Pressure-monitored emergency flooding with automated solenoid valve opening
  • Electric or gas-heated exhaust gas torch for H2 post-combustion
  • Atmospheric operation: H2-purging of process reactor starting from room temperature at controlled over pressure (50 mbar relative)

Additional equipment

  • Partial pressure operation: H2 flushing at underpressure in the process reactor starting from 750  °C furnace chamber temperature
  • Retort in the process chamber for debinding under hydrogen