Chamber Furnaces, Sheet Metal Preheating Furnaces Electrically Heated
 Annealing furnace with electro-hydraulic lift door on transportable base for preheating of large steel sheets for the automotive industry.

Door heating element as additional equipment


N 6080/13S preheating furnace for forging; with door-in-door


N 761 with annealing box and charging cart


Furnace chamber with optional heating elements in the ceiling when used for preheating of sheetmetal plates

These very rugged chamber furnaces with radiation heating are designed for continuous heat-treatment processes. They are ideally suited for forming processes such as forging or hot forming steel sheets. The use of a wide variety of accessories enables these furnaces to be tailored to the relevant application.

  • Tmax 1200  °C
  • Very rugged design
  • Heating from three sides (both sides and the bottom)
  • Heating elements installed on ceramic support tubes enable unimpaired heat radiation
  • Bottom heating protected by heat-conducting SiC plate
  • Manual lift door for models to N 951
  • Electro-hydraulic lift door for models from N 1296
  • Heating operated with low-wear semi-conductor relay (for models to 60 kW)
  • Temperature uniformity up to +/- 10 °C according to DIN 17052-1
  • Closable measuring port for customer's temperature measuring system
  • Holding time measurement for the charge until it goes to forging or forming of steel sheets: After charging, the operator presses a key and the previously defined holding time for the load begins to run. The end of the holding time is indicated by both acoustic and optical signals, meaning that the charge can be removed.
  • Heat resistant zinc paint for protection of door and door frame
  • Defined application within the constraints of the operating instructions

Additional equipment

  • Other temperatures on request
  • SiC plates to protect the wall heating elements
  • Electro-hydraulic lift door for models to N 951
  • Protective gas ports in combination with silicone sealing of the chamber
  • Annealing boxes for powder nitriding, annealing and hardening under non-flammable protective or reaction gases
  • Loading devices and charging aids
  • Charging grates for heavy loads
  • Cooling fan in combination with motor-driven exhaust air flaps in the top of the furnace
  • Heating elements also in door and rear wall for optimized temperature uniformity up to +/- 5 °C according to DIN 17052-1
  • Commissioning of the furnace with test firing and temperature uniformity measurement using 11 thermocouples including record of the measurement results
  • Furnace chamber with optional heating elements in the ceiling when used for preheating of sheetmetal plates
  • Process control and documentation with Controltherm MV software package
ModelTmaxInner dimensions in mmVolumeOuter dimensions in mmHeating powerElectrical
 °Cwdhin lWDHin kW1connection*
N 73112007501300750730180024002890703-phase
N 76112008001900500760174027002650703-phase
N 89112008001400800890174022003450703-phase
N 951120010001900550950206027002780703-phase
N 12961200180012006001296286020003020703-phase
N 149112001660120075014902720200033501103-phase
N 150112001000150010001500206023003845953-phase
N 160112001600200050016002660290029001103-phase
N 176012002200160050017603400250029001103-phase
N 177112001400140090017702460220037451103-phase
N 216112001700170075021602760260033501103-phase
N 2201120010002200100022002060300038451503-phase
N 225112002500150060022503560230030201103-phase
N 240112002500120080024003560200034451103-phase
1Depending on furnace design connected load might be higher *Please see page 76 for more information about supply voltage