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Annealing Bags

Annealing bags
  • Annealing bag suitable for powder nitriding, boriding and high speed steel hardening up to approx. 1050 °C - 1150 °C for cold work purposes
  • Made of stainless steel heat treating foil for single use
  • For hardening of blocks, stamps, cutting plates, etc.
  • Rapid heating binds the oxygen in the annealing bag so that high-alloy and medium-alloy steel grades can be hardened
  • Rapid quenching in air, oil or water, ensuring high dimensional accuracy
  • Workpieces are placed as tightly as possible into the annealing bag
  • Airtight lock by means of folds of a fold lock or suitable tools
Quadratic cross-section Rectangular cross-section
Article no.Dimensions in mm Article no.Dimensions in mm
4910635204020040 49104152010020025
4910635304030040 49104153010030025
4910645206020060 49104303015030025
4910645306030060 49104352015020040
4910655208020080 49104355015050040
4910655308030080 49104503020030040
491066520100200100 491045242200420100
491066545100450100 49104653525035040
Other dimensions available upon request