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Piec solny do chemicznego hartowania szkła, elektryczny lub ogrzewany gazem

Salt-Bath Furnaces for Chemical Hardening of Glass Electrically Heated

Salt-bath furnace TS 4/50, electrically heated

Insulated cover of the salt-bath

Charging basket

Chemical hardening is mostly applied for the solidification of thin glasses with a thickness of up to 3 mm. Chemical pretensioning is recommended because the surface flatness can be maintained. Producers of copy machines, solar modules, microwave devices, measuring instruments as well as companies in the lighting industry, the automotive industry and other users of flat glass need to apply the toughest possible glass in their products. Nearly all glasses containing a large percentage of sodium can be strengthened by means of ion exchange.

  • Tmax 500  °C, tailored design possible up to Tmax 1000  °C
  • Safety technology according to EN 60519-2
  • Salt-bath furnace in compact design with salt-bath and pre-heated-/cooling chamber above the salt-bath
  • Bath temperature control
  • Insulated salt-bath cover
  • Indirect heating of the preheated chamber from the salt-bath
  • Automatic, time controlled movement from the preheating chamber into the salt-bath and back
  • Electrical door lock
  • Crucible made of hiqh-quality CrNi steel
  • Over-temperature limiter with manual reset in the furnace chamber to prevent dangerous conditions for the furnace or personnel
  • Defined application within the constraints of the operating instructions
  • NTLog Basic for Nabertherm controller: recording of process data with USB-flash drive

Additional equipment

  • Hood for connection to local exhaust system
  • Charging basket according to customers drawing
  • Active heating for the preheated chamber
  • Process control and documentation via Nabertherm Control Center (NCC) for monitoring, documentation and control
ModelTmaxInner dimensions crucible in mmVolumeOuter dimensions in mmHeating powerElectricalWeight
 °C²wdhin lWDHin kW1connection*in kg
TS 4/505001807010041600105024001.23-phase600
TS 8/5050030010010081600105024002.03-phase650
TS 90/505006503004509016001050240020.03-phase700
1Depending on furnace design connected load might be higher *Please see page 73 for more information about supply voltage
2Salt-bath temperature