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Quench Tanks

Combined oil quenching and cleaning bath with immersable tables, protection cover, oil separator and exhaust system

Oil quenching bath OAB 67000 with heat exchanger and a volume of 67.000 liters oil

Oil separator for quench tanks with water

Powerful circulation of quenching medium

Subject to process, charge size and weight a customized quench bath will be designed and delivered. Standard sizes are also available. Water, oil or polymer are available as quenching medium.

Available quenching mediums:

  • Water
  • Oil
  • Polymer

Design Specifications

  • Powerful circulation of the quenching medium
  • Controlled heating systems
  • Lowering devices for the charge
  • Fill-level control
  • Automatic refill system in case of water as quenching medium
  • Connection port for customer’s cooling system
  • Cooling system of the queching medium via heat exchanger
  • Oil separator for quench tanks with water
  • Protective gas supply on the surface of oil quench tanks as fire protection
  • Integration of bath temperature in the process control and documentation